What to Pack While On an Arctic and Antarctic Cruise

What to Pack While On an Arctic and Antarctic Cruise

As you and your family are planning to go on some Arctic tours, your packing list should have all the essentials that you will need to feel comfortable on your luxury Antarctica cruise. Your packing list can be influenced by the climate condition and the type of activities while on the ship. Here are some crucial things not to leave behind;

While on the boat you will more likely feel the wind even if it is sunny so ensuring that you have windproof clothes and lack and gaps in your packing list. While in the Arctic cruise ship, the temperatures will be warmer than outside; however; having some windproof warm jackets, waterproof and has enough layers keeps you warm while on deck. You may not experience the same weather as that of the US.

Do pack some waterproof clothing like gloves and a warm hat. The jogging pants, leggings or any other walking trousers should be adequately lined and made from breathable and waterproof fabric like eVent and Gore-Tex. While on the Antarctica cruise, you will also need waterproof boots and footwear. You may have to step into the water during wet landings; hence, you need to keep warm and dry.

Considering that you may sweat a bit on your Arctic travel, pack clothes with fabric that will wick sweat away from your body and still keep you warm. Also, you may need to pack something quick to dry and will not get smelly allowing you to wash clothes while on board. Also, your choice socks and underwear should have a similar material that can wick out the sweat.

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